Smart Thermostats
Temperature control, whatever the weather
Enable comprehensive temperature and energy management all year round, by giving remote control of temperature to residents and staff. Use the web platform to control energy output in vacant units through both directly controlling and automating thermostat control in order to reduce costs and make for greener living spaces.

Touch Screen Smart Thermostat


This smart ZigBee thermostat is fully equipped with a 4.3 inch touch screen control whilst having complete Alexa integration. Given the fact it can be used to control 8 different temperature control scenarios, including AC, Water Heaters and boilers, this thermostat can be used across cold and warm weather properties.

Smart Radiator Thermostat


Great for those properties in colder climates, this compact and stylish smart radiator thermostat can be installed directly onto existing radiators. This thermostat also has a smart ‘window open’ function, which recognises a sudden drop in temperature signifying an open window, and can adjust the temperature accordingly.