Locks & Lockboxes
Contactless entry, smarter control
Build your smart access management solution through selecting from a range of Powered by Tuya (PBT) locks and lockboxes, designed to match a range of doors and use cases. All of our locks displayed can be fully controlled by both managers, tenants and guests through not only the app and web platform, but also through additional methods such as fingerprint or temporary code access.

Smart Zigbee Door Lock


This slim style smart apartment lock provides vast flexibility to be deployed across a wide range of properties, on both wooden and metal doors, whilst fitting all types of mortise.

Smart Zigbee Deadbolt Lock


This slim but durable smart zigbee keypad deadbolt lock is a great fit for both units and common areas across a range of property types. Grant access to residents, guests and staff via app, code, RFID or mechanical keys.

Zigbee Deadbolt Door Lock


This discrete and secure Zigbee deadbolt code lock is a perfect way to secure your property with a more traditional look. Residents and managers can open from anywhere with the Smart Residence app or web platform and grant remote access via the issuance of temporary keys.

Bluetooth Lockbox


Store your cards, keys or wallets more safely with this robust smart Bluetooth lockbox. You can operate the lockbox and set passwords using the Smart Residence app, and feel free to place in both discrete and open indoor or outdoor locations knowing that it is extremely durable, easy to install and IPX5 waterproof.

Smart Zigbee Door Lock


With biometric fingerprint access enabled, this Zigbee smart handle lock provides an extensive range of access methods to enable full flexibility for a range of properties and guests.

Smart Lock + Keypad


This AT1 smart keypad lock supports a seamless update from traditional locks to smart smart. Installers can stick this lock on the inside of the door lock, thus removing the need for a full installation - users can quickly and easily control the the door through the Smart Residence app and the keypad.

Retrofit Smart Lock


Turn your existing deadbolt into a smart lock without the need for full installation. This stick-on smart lock allows you to transition to smart access control through simply replacing the indoor section of your existing deadbolt, whilst still retaining your current mechanical key as a backup.