Unlock Your Space With One Click
Gsmart Lock App, one-stop door lock management, unlocking multiple access methods efficiently.
One-Stop App Management
Multiple Scenario Applications
Remote Management
Multiple Unlocking Methods
Satisfying all Your Needs With One Click
Clear functions, easy to use
Smart unlocking
Remote control
Security protection
Battery reminder
Multiple ways to unlock
IC Card
Personalized management for spaces
Endless possibilities, unlocking infinite space
Efficiently manage spaces and assign administrators in bulk
Easily handle access permissions and passwords as needed
Serving as your primary defense
Push real-time alert notifications
Regularly monitor the door access logs
Easily Unlock Endless Spaces
All-in-one App service, personalized management for thousands of spaces.
Shopping Mall
Safe Box
Customize Branded Solutions of Excellence
Enhancing partners' capabilities for efficient management.
Exclusive Interfaces
Customize exclusive interfaces for you, respond to needs efficiently.
Customized Skins
Unique skins to showcase the distinctive charm and style of brand.
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Meet Our Global Partners
Enhancing partners' capabilities for efficient management.
Smartek is a factory that produces and sells smart locks and solutions. From its inception, it has been committed to providing smart locks and system solutions to global partners. Smartk has closely cooperated with Gsmart Lock App, leveraging commercial lock PCBA solutions to quickly match commercial lock management, meet users' diverse needs, and further expand scenario boundaries.
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