Smart Sensors
Secure your property with our range of sensors for water leaks, movement, fire safety and more
Provide your business and tenants with extra piece of mind with a range of connected sensors across the property designed to keep you updated on any problems, and allow for predictive maintenance so that you can address potential issues before they arise.

Smart Water Leak Sensor


Place this discrete smart leak sensor in areas around your property that are susceptible to flooding, such as around bathrooms, boilers or washing machines and make sure that when problems arise, you can act fast.

Smart Smoke Sensor


Make sure that everybody both within and outside of earshot gets notified in the case of smoke detection. Whilst this smoke sensor will sound the alarm once triggered, it will also notify tenants and managers, so that no time is spared in resolving potential issues.

Smart Door & Window Sensor


These Smart Door and Window Sensors can be installed across various types of doors and windows and can alert residents and/or property managers, before a break-in occurs.

PIR Infared Motion Sensor


This PIR Sensor is a key component of almost every aspect of smart residential management; it works by detecting movement via infared and then connecting to other devices as part of a connected smart lighting, security or energy saving component of your property management solution.

Smart Gas Leak Sensor


This Gas Leak works by detecting leaks and sending an immediate notification to your tenants smartphone as well as the property management platform. Besides notifications, the sensor will also emit a sound as soon as gas is detected and stop only once it has been removed.