Smart Home Installers
Utilize IoT expertise to take full ownership of your business and attract larger clientele
Build Your Brand
Looking to go beyond reselling and believe you can have your own branded solution for software and hardware? We’re here to help. We understand that the high entry costs that come with building your own solution from the ground up can be a daunting and often inviable option for many installers, and instead opt to work on behalf of existing smart solution providers. We are here to provide you with a smart residential solution that can be tailored to your business and resold to your existing and new B2B clientele. Take greater control of your business and revenue streams, whilst leveraging Tuya’s IoT platform to deliver on the technology – leaving you to focus on top-class solution delivery.
Installation Partners & Resellers
The Smart Construction app is designed specifically as a tool to facilitate and simplify the batch installation and maintenance of large numbers of smart units. Work with with your property manager clients to set ‘installation templates’ on the management platform, before rolling them out to be installed by your installation team, using the app. Once installation work orders are complete, feedback is sent automatically to the property manager as all devices in the unit turn online.
More Information
If you’d like to receive a breakdown of our solutions and pricing models, our team will be in touch ASAP with more details.