Smart Community
Enable seamless interaction between residents, management and the community with a connected platform designed to cover the full smart residential experience.
Request Repairs , Cleaning and More
Enable residents to call for maintenance or various other community services and directly grant access to staff, all via the app.
Resident Notified
A resident away from home receives a notification from their water leak sensor, that there may be a problem with their washing machine.
Request Sent
Using the app, the resident can then request for maintenance staff to check on it, and grant staff with temporary access to their home.
Staff Action
After receiving the request on the management platform, operators can create a work order and assign a staff member to check on the washing machine and prevent any damage.
Collect & Manage Payments
Give residents easy access to pay for rent, utilities and services – all through the app.
Trust & Traceability
Offer regular and accessible reminders to residents regarding upcoming payments, as well as other available offers in the community.
Direct Payments
Allow for residents to pay for amenities or services directly through the app, that automatically get recorded onto the management platform.
All In One Place
Allow management and residents to keep a track of all payment records with traceable data on the app and web platform.
In-Community Retail
Utilize our ‘App Mall’ service and encourage residents learn more about your commnity’s products or services and book them directly through the app.
Sell Groceries
Showcase your property’s services to residents so they understand all the value available to them.
Smart-Home Upgrades
Allow residents to directly purchase more smart devices and upgrade their home through the app.
Book Services
Offer services for cleaning, maintenance and more through the app and open up a wider range of potential revenue streams, whilst offering a more complete smart community experience.