Smart Apartment
Offer a transformative and market beating living experience for your residents with unbeatable smart technologies installed into ready-made smart apartments.
For Residents


Configure and schedule smart devices such as thermostats and switches to adjust around your schedule.


Receive live and customized notifications through the app or via text, to alert you of any potential dangers or property damage.


Check on your home from anywhere using the Smart Residence app, adjust the temperature, view cameras and much more.
For Managers

Attraction & Retention

Increase unit absorption rates and reduce resident turnover through delivering smart apartments that nobody wants to move out of.

Cost Efficiencies

Have better control over your budget through detailed monitoring of vacant and occupied units to ensure maximum efficiency.

Brand Value

Through offering your own branded app for smart apartments, you will stand out from the crowd with a market leading residential experience.
Smart Residence App
Your Home in Your Hands
Tailor Made
The central control hub for your residents to manage and personalize their smart homes – a downloadable app designed and built by us, but made for your business.
Connected Platform
Simply set up accounts for new residents that are linked to their units’ pre-installed devices, and let them get started right away with their plug and play smart home. When they move out, simply use the management platform to switch the account ownership to the new residents
Once getting settled, residents can use the app to edit their smart home, through changing and creating smart home automations, as well as adding extra smart devices.
Home Automation
Easily adjust automations such as ‘Wake-Up Mode’ or ‘Away From Home Mode’ to run according to your schedule
Upgrade Your Smart Apartment
Select from any Powered by Tuya device, from smart scooters to robot vacuums to add to your smart apartment using the app.
Manage Notifications
Edit notification settings for selected devices to make sure you’re only updated with the most important information.
What’s Inside?
Here’s some of what residents can move straight into.
Access Control
Full control over doors, with the ability to remote lock and unlock as well as setting temporary or permanent passwords to easily manage visitors and family members.
Asset Protection
Management of all sensors to keep on top of any potential issues , combine sensors with other devices through smart scenes to automate your home security.
Temperature Control
Utilise smart thermostats to remotely adjust or even automate your HVAC to maximise both energy savings and comfort.
Smart Lighting
Full control over smart switches and curtains, that can be turned on or off automatically through smart scenes such as ‘Welcome Home Mode’
Voice Activated
“Hey Alexa – Show Us Around” Voice assistants can take your smart apartments to the next level, through providing a truly touchless experience for residents. Link smart devices and scenes with your speakers so that both existing and prospective residents can get the smart home experience from the get-go. The Smart Residence app comes with voice assistant connectivity enabled, so that residents can use either pre-installed voice assistants, or just connect their own.