Property Managers
Drive property efficiency and attractiveness through delivering market leading smart property management solutions to owners and residents.
Drive NOI
Offer your clients leading smart property management, set to both increase property value and cut costs through unforeseen efficiencies.
Cost-Efficient Access
Cut the cost of both creating and managing physical keys and fobs for staff and residents through the implementation of smarter access control. No more additional costs for key cutting or late night call outs for staff and maximize convenience for residents.
Greener Properties
Utilizing a connected range of devices such as smart thermostats and plugs, generate real energy savings for your clients with traceable and presentable data.
Unlocked Value
Drive apartment absorption rates and increase per-unit revenue with stand-out smart apartments that are able to attract and retain residents, who will pay a premium live in smarter homes and communities.
Streamlined Maintenance
Offer safer properties with lower insurance premiums through the installation of smart sensors and thermostats that enable pre-emptive maintenance and provide traceable data of any property damage.
Optimize Management Efficiency
IoT technology combined with intuitive software for residents and managers enables your staff to allocate their time where it’s needed the most.
Manage Staff Access
Set ‘role templates’ that determine staff access to devices, areas and software functions in the property, and seamlessly roll these templates out across all staff through the web platform.
Vacant Unit Management
Reduce the need for frequent check-ups on your vacant units through automating them so that you know they’re running at full efficiency, as well monitoring them and any information their devices are outputting through the web platform.
Property Manager Platform
Utilize our property manager platform to offer your own branded solution for smart property management, that can implemented across a range of your own or your clients’ properties worldwide.